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Francesca Turns 15: A Guide to Caring for Your Senior Pet

Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for throwing me an amazing cat-ceñara party. I may have turned up my nose at the fish-flavored cake and pouted about having to wear a dress, but secretly I had a great time celebrating my 15th birthday. I hate to admit it, but I am no spring chicken—rather, cat—anymore. Technically, [...]

Protecting Your Pets Against Common Diseases

When your pet is due for their vaccinations, can you translate all those acronyms, and tell if your furry pal needs all those shots? You’re not alone. Vaccinations, and the diseases they prevent, are commonly misunderstood aspects of wellness care for cats and dogs. But, if you bring your pet to Homestead Animal Hospital for [...]

Did You Know? 10 Facts About Pet Microchipping

Each year, millions of pets are lost in the United States. While some cats and dogs are lost only for a few hours, some never find their families again. Do you wonder about the difference in recovering—or not—a lost pet, in addition to an active local animal control and shelter agency? A current, permanent identification [...]

3 Heat-related Conditions in Pets

The summer is off to a sizzling start, and you don’t have to be outside long before you are dripping with sweat, and longing to step inside for a cool blast of air-conditioned air. Pets may feel the same way, but are not always able to tell you that the heat is putting them in [...]

5 Essentials for Your Kitten’s First Year

As your purring ball of fluff curls up on your lap and contentedly kneads a cozy nest, you fall more in love, and vow to protect and care for your new kitten. You’re so excited to welcome the itty-bitty creature, who already has you wrapped around a tiny paw, and, knowing the importance of early [...]

Is Your Pet at Risk for Cancer? 5 Common Pet Cancers

Discovering a lump or bump on your furry loved one can be a heartstopping moment. Most pet owners’ minds go immediately to cancer, but that is not always the case. Cysts, lipomas, and allergic reactions can also pop up on your pet, and scare you, but a thorough diagnostic workup at Homestead Animal Hospital is [...]

10 Myths About Heartworm Disease

With so many diseases, infections, and parasites threatening your pet, keeping them all straight can be difficult. Fortunately, we are here to help, and to ensure your pet is adequately protected from as many preventable conditions as possible. Pet owners hear many misconceptions about heartworm disease and its risk to pets, so to set the [...]

5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy Puppy

Congratulations! Picking out your new furry addition can be almost as difficult as house training, crate training, and teaching proper manners when you welcome a puppy home. To help prepare you, your family, and your home for a new whirlwind of adorable destruction, we’ve outlined five steps you should follow, to start your pup off [...]

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