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A Cat Owner’s Guide to 3 Common Feline Viral Infections

Few things in life are cuter than a young, fluffy kitten who is exploring their new home, and discovering the perfect hiding and resting spots, like your laundry basket full of unfolded clothes, or between your feet while you work in your home office. Most cats will try to convince their owners to let them [...]

5 Things You Need To Know About Parasite Preventives

Summer is here, and so are ticks and mosquitoes. If your pet is on parasite prevention medication, they are equipped with a strong defense against heartworm and tick-borne diseases. If your pet is not protected, or you have missed a few doses, Homestead Animal Hospital wants to help. We discuss the vital reasons your pet’s [...]

Into the Woods: 7 Steps to Safe Camping and Hiking With Dogs

Camping with dogs can be a bit—wild. Despite our best efforts, dogs will never comprehend or adhere to campground rules, understand that tents are for sleeping, or have a reverent respect for nature. So much digging and peeing! And, while dogs will always be dogs, we can take steps to make camping and hiking together [...]

Why Is My Pet So Itchy?

Your pet is a valued family member, and you love them dearly, but lately they have been disturbing the household’s peace and quiet. The racket they cause with their constant scratching and chewing is driving your family bonkers. The team at Homestead Animal Hospital wants you to have some valuable information on pet allergies to [...]

Heartworm Disease: The Hidden Dangers to Your Pet

The prevalence of heartworm disease is increasing in New York state, and ranges from 6 to 25 cases per veterinary clinic each year. The Homestead Animal Hospital team encourages you to learn more about this mosquito-borne blood parasite, and the importance of heartworm prevention to keep your pet safe from a serious, potentially fatal disease.  [...]

Microchips Make for Happy Reunions

You may have heard of pet microchips but were uninterested, thinking they are expensive tracking devices. Or, perhaps you assume your well-behaved pet would never leave your yard. Unfortunately, many well-meaning pet owners have these misconceptions, with disastrous results. Let’s look at Apricot the Labradoodle’s recent adventure—ahem, not what her owner would call it—to see [...]

Brush Up On Your Pet’s Dental Care

Keeping your pet’s teeth in tip-top shape can be a tough challenge, especially when your furry pal isn’t fond of toothbrushes. However, attending to your pet’s oral health is essential for their overall health and well-being, as dental disease can create serious systemic illness. Up to 85% of pets age 3 and older have some [...]

2021 Top Ten Count-down to Pet Health

The New Year countdown is over, but another important countdown is beginning—Homestead Animal Hospital’s countdown to your pet’s best health in 2021. Read on for ideas and tips on improving and maintaining your pet’s good health today and throughout the upcoming year. #10: Ensure your pet has new learning opportunities Like people, pets need mental [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Diabetes Mellitus in Cats and Dogs

Diabetes mellitus is not only a human disease, but is also becoming increasingly common in dogs and cats. Estimated to affect between 1 in 200 cats and 1 in 300 dogs, diabetes is one of the most common endocrine disorders in pets. While a diabetes diagnosis for your pet can be scary, there’s also good [...]

Francesca Turns 15: A Guide to Caring for Your Senior Pet

Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for throwing me an amazing cat-ceñara party. I may have turned up my nose at the fish-flavored cake and pouted about having to wear a dress, but secretly I had a great time celebrating my 15th birthday. I hate to admit it, but I am no spring chicken—rather, cat—anymore. Technically, [...]

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